Promoting Baseball Participation in Contra Costa County for Youth

Youth teams in Contra Costa County have access to numerous benefits & support depending on their level of participation such as coach development workshops & virtual clinics sponsored by William Randolph Hearst Foundation through USSYP program.

Promoting Baseball Participation in Contra Costa County for Youth

Youth teams in Contra Costa County have the opportunity to receive a variety of benefits and support depending on their level of participation. These advantages can include coach development workshops, virtual clinics, meetings with 26% players, and more. The William Randolph Hearst Foundation sponsors the USSYP (United States Senate Youth Program), which provides an annual opportunity for chosen students to gain an in-depth view of the U. S.

government and its branches, as well as a better understanding of the interrelationship between them. This program also provides a true partnership between government leaders, state and national education leaders, and future leaders of the United States. The USSYP offers a foundation of knowledge and encouragement for those considering a future in public service at the local, state, or national levels. For more information, visit the CDE USSYP website. Nate is a student representative on the Student Advisory Council of the Superintendent of the Carlsbad Unified School District, where he represents the interests of students and provides feedback to the district superintendent and the leadership team. Nate is also president and captain of the Speech and Debate Team, vice-president of the Indian Culture Club and Mock Trial, delegate of the United Nations Model, and first base of the baseball team.

He was recognized as the team's most inspiring player and mentors younger students on the debate team as well as elementary students through Carlsbad Unified Champions. Nate developed a strong interest in politics and civic engagement during his time as a summer intern for a Democratic Congress campaign. He participated in developing voter registration strategies, organizing city councils, and inspiring young people to get involved in politics. A semifinalist for National Merit and an AP Scholar with honors, Nate earned a perfect score on the AP English test. He hopes to study political science and international relations with a focus on environmental crises and their impacts and mitigation.

His goal is to dedicate his life to public service to create safer and more sustainable communities for generations to come. Players participating in MLB's diversity program, including the Breakthrough Series, DREAM Series, and Elite Development Invitational series, will be offered additional development and instruction opportunities throughout the year. These events are designed to find players from diverse backgrounds who live in slums or underserved areas, as well as women's baseball players who are invited to MLB-led programming such as RBI programs, youth academies, and baseball development events. The A's are committed to growing baseball and youth softball in East Bay through their Future A's program presented by Kaiser Permanente. 95% of all participants in baseball development events who graduated from high school have gone on to play baseball at college or professional level. MLB has partnered with U.

Baseball and U. Softball to cover the country extensively to instill the virtues of baseball and softball to young people around the world. Fun At Bat is an initiative between MLB and USA Baseball that offers a free program “Bate & Ball” on P. The A's will use local partners in baseball and softball development space as well as surrounding areas to operate an impactful series for Bay Area coaches. Nate founded Read2Rise, a global non-profit youth reading program that raises funds to donate books and supplies for children in poverty while bringing high school students together as reading friends for 200 local children from economically disadvantaged families. Sabrina serves as a youth commissioner on Danville Parks & Recreation Commission where she represents Danville teens in recreational planning & park management as well as participating in decisions that improve Danville's public spaces.

This initiative has expanded to serve women's softball & baseball community with coaches trained by softball legends (including Jennie Finch, Natasha Watley & Lauren Chamberlain) & members of Women's National Team from both sports. Contra Costa County provides numerous opportunities for youth teams to get involved in baseball activities that can help them develop their skills while also providing them with valuable experiences that can help them grow both personally and professionally. Through programs such as USSYP, Future A's presented by Kaiser Permanente, Fun At Bat initiative between MLB & USA Baseball, Read2Rise global non-profit youth reading program, Danville Parks & Recreation Commission youth commissioner program, Breakthrough Series, DREAM Series & Elite Development Invitational series sponsored by MLB; young people can gain access to resources that can help them reach their goals while also learning important lessons about leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship & civic engagement.

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